Thabang J Motsohi Author of Fit for Purpose

Leadership, Integrity, Commitment

Thabang Motsohi is a highly experienced and leading organisational strategy consultant with decades of experience in corporate strategy evaluation and development.

Thabang has not only a deep understanding of business and corporate strategy, but also brings the accumulated wisdom of bringing simplicity and clarity of thought to tackle complex strategic challenges that confront organisations.

The simplicity and clarity of the concepts of purpose; strategic planning and execution; contextual thinking; and the framework for ‘’Fit for Purpose’’ that form the theme of his book, attest to his deep experience.

Thabang has published scholarly articles in the past nine years on development policy and strategy and how state policy must be structured to address fundamental socio-economic challenges in the South African context.

Areas of Expertise

Thabang Motsohi’s expertise lies in Strategic Planning and Execution, Developing Competitive Strategies, Corporate Governance and Leadership Development.