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Business bashing by ANC stunts SA’s long-term growth prospects

Gigaba’s economic outlook hints that National Development Plan’s Vision 2030 has dimmed

Lack of political will is killing economy

It is clear that what is missing is the political will and conviction to allocate competent human resources to execute plans.

Zuma’s administration is preoccupied with building a thriving patrimonial state

Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba sounded very confident during his media conference just prior to his mission to the US for the spring meetings of the World Bank...

The ANC government has never had a credible, labour-intensive growth policy

The ruling party’s economic mantra of inclusive growth is a fairy tale, and it is time to say so unequivocally.

ANC’s pro-poor rhetoric has not translated into economic policy

The government’s promises of ‘a better life for all’ have not come close to addressing the challenges of the political economy.

Growth failure punctures employment

Foreign direct investment has not exceeded capital depreciation sufficiently to create new businesses.

Leader issue is key to revamp of ANC

The task of reinventing the ANC and repositioning its brand cannot succeed without a leadership overhaul.

Have we done enough to address apartheid’s structural manifestations?

We have spectacularly failed the poor black child by allowing the public education system to become dysfunctional.

SA needs more accountability in its electoral system

Most analysts consider the electoral system to be the fundamental flaw in SA’s democratic architecture.

Leaders need vision to mitigate Nene fiasco

The self-inflicted damage to the economy shows poor political leadership.

Ideological fixation on ‘decent jobs’
detrimental to SA

Finding solutions to create employment for unskilled workforce cannot be deflected by fixation on ’’decent jobs’ to exclusion of other options.

Uncomfortable economic realities are
staring us in the face

Upheaval in Cosatu may be the right time to confront the difficult choices we face to create jobs for a low-skills workforce in a hi-tech economy

ANC needs to be liberated from
alliance ties that bind it

Cosatu has become the single most important impediment to the efforts of the ANC to lead a radical transformation of the economy.

Changing electoral system is key to
better South Africa

Look into our proportional representation closed-list system to understand how the power of the electorate is affected.

South African Airways: the big question that must be confronted

There is legitimate anger and exasperation among the public about the financial woes of SAA.

THABANG MOTSOHI: Building a capable and efficient state is vital to halt growing inequality

The administration has focused on creating a very successful patrimonial state staffed with incompetent, compliant cadres

Jacob Zuma plays Russian roulette with our weak economy

The legacy of our apartheid past has imposed an inordinately binding responsibility on the democratic government to ensure that we put in place a capable state with competent leadership.

Sadtu is a counter-revolutionary force obstructing change in SA

The crisis in education is especially worrying as an area of spectacular policy failure — and Sadtu is complicit in this.

Cracks in education system cannot be shown through a single performance metric

It is impossible for some Grade 10 pupils to make up for learning deficiencies in three years leading to final NSC exams.

Let data not dogma light the path

Government’s confusing policies leave South Africa in ideological gridlock when we need growth

ANC must listen to people’s voice and adapt to survive

Voter verdict shows ANC is not listening to people’s voices.

Political violence threatens economy and democracy

Intervention is urgent to ensure that political killings are not entrenched as a culture that undermines our nascent democracy.

Stagnant growth and policy uncertainty affecting SA’s future

Radical policy re-direction is needed amid an absence of visionary and decisive leadership to take the country forward.

Improve teaching in poor performing schools

True measure of efficiency of system is proportion of those who pass Grade 12 relative to those who registered for Grade 10.

Racial discrimination has yet to be tackled in substantive way

What is sadly lacking is credible effort by big business to come up with strategy to build fund for social development projects.

Rich steer clear of wealth transfer debate

Is it possible to address the question of wealth inequality without considering wealth transfer from the rich to the poor in one form or another?

Redistribution of wealth is only way
to prevent a revolt

Society has become even more polarised along class lines that reflect continued narrow class interests.