Fit for Purpose

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“Fit for Purpose” will benefit all people who are running organisations irrespective of their size, scope or field of operation.

Students will find the book useful as reference material in their management and organisational development studies.

Employers and those who are in politics and are concerned with socio-economic and development issues will derive value from the book.

It will help frame strategic questions and conversations, throughout the entire organisation, in order to achieve commonality of purpose and to ensure that the organisation is “Fit for Purpose” over the course of its life cycle.

The book was inspired by the experiential reality that the core challenges impacting the growth and success of organisations are – the failure to understand the changes in the dynamic operating context and the need to adapt and respond in a way that ensures sustainability and success.

The book also tackles the organisational structure of the governing party, The African National Congress (ANC), and proposes a thesis that, due to conflicting ideological principles and perceptions within its Tripartite Alliance structure, it is not ideally organised for the purpose of governing in the post-apartheid era. It has long surpassed its contextual relevance and utility in facing and meeting the country’s contemporary developmental challenges and aspirations.

Since 2009, I have published several opinion contributions that discuss these topics in greater detail. The leadership challenge for organisations and governments alike is to reflect on whether their institutions are indeed “Fit for Purpose”, at all times.

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2 reviews for Fit for Purpose

  1. Max du Preez

    “I’ve read the @MotsohiThabang book Fit for Purpose. Stimulating, insightful and fresh. Whether you’re in corporate, business or political life, you need to read it.”

  2. Mr Nkopodi Nkopodi (verified owner)

    I have really enjoyed reading the book as I find it unique in its format of practical application of concepts of strategic analysis.

    Most books on this topic are laden with theoretical constructs which make it difficult (if not impossible) to fathom their practical relevance. Reading Motsohi I found the book a relevant guide in understanding and appreciating strategy development and application in that the author gives broad theoretical context and then provides real life case study application which helps one to derive the essence of the discussed topic in a particular chapter, what I may call ‘making sense out of nonsense’.

    Motsohi is a pragmatic strategist as reflected by his ability to synthesize the theory-practice conundrum that’s always the challenge one needs to overcome to be and become a great leader in organisations – private and public. Reading the book makes one feel like being practice, in real life, and adding value.

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